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Technology changes to make blogging fun again

As you can see from the recent inactivity on my blog, I have had a hard time publishing content recently. It has not been for a lack blog worthy content, but how amazingly not fun blogging was on my old platform. I spent a lot of time on my old website, making the theme perfect, adding all the features I thought I needed, etc… I used it quite a bit for a while, but the writing experience always felt strained. It turns out that I hate WYSIWYG editors and would much prefer to just write my content in markdown files. This led me the awesome Hugo software which I am using now. For more info on my current setup, check my Hugo on gh-pages post.

As a developer there are a few places where I feel completely comfortable; a text editor (Sublime Text in this case), the command line, and working with Git repositories. It makes so much more sense to me to use tools I love for managing my content rather than some web UI which just does not feel right.

Here are some of the benefits of a statically generated website:

  • Better security. Publishing only HTML, CSS and JS reduces the attack surface of your website giving you better security.
  • Better performance. Serving only static files reduces server load and increases performance. Slow queries be gone.
  • Host your website anywhere. I am currently hosting my website for free on gh-pages.
  • History of changes. By tracking everything in Git repositories you have a history of all your changes.
  • Never worry about backups. With everything in Git you never have to worry about backups again, its baked in.
  • Write in your favorite editor. Every developer has their favorite tools. There is no place like
  • Write content offline. All the source markdown files are local, so you can work offline easily.
  • Review before publishing. Use Hugo’s built in server to review your content locally before publishing.
  • No WYSIWYG editor. This is such a quality of life improvement. I love working in markdown in comparison.
  • No security updates. I hated logging into Drupal or Wordpress and seeing a ‘security updates available’ message.

So far this has been an enjoyable change and I am looking forward to discovering more benefits as I get deeper.