Eurotrip launches a new Trip Planning feature
Eurotrip launches a new Trip Planning feature has released its new and innovative Trip Planning tool today. This European travel website is jumping into the ring with companies like Dopplr and TripIt by releasing a planning application that allows users to better navigate the complicated travel planning process. Eurotrip already has a leg up on its competition with its flourishing community, all of whom are totally dedicated to budget backpacking. With the ability for savvy members to comment on travelers plans while they are still in the planning process, helping them avoid common pitfalls as well as giving great advice, Eurotrip has carved out a very exciting niche in the market.

Eurotrip’s Planning tool has a lot of exciting features that are designed to facilitate the planning process for the end user. It is obvious that the tool was designed with usability and simplicity in mind.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the ways this planning tool is setting itself apart:

  • a very simple interface which features only the necessary inputs
  • autocomplete city fields and pop-up calendars to simplify input
  • the ability to drag-and-drop cities to change the order
  • the ability in inplace-edit the number of days in a city
  • an automagical map and calendar that gives you a great visual of your trip
  • member comment form to allow others to comment on your plans
  • budget calculator so you know what your daily budget is

It will be interesting how the site evolves with such an innovative approach to solving travelers problems…

December 18, 2008
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